Space Community Forum takes place
at Tartu Observatory in Tõravere, Estonia
on 31 October 2019 at 12.00-18.00 hrs


Welcome to Space Community Forum homepage!

The Space Community Forum is an unmissable occasion to learn more about the most recent developments of space technology and to look forward, identifying areas in which future action can be taken, including cross-border cooperation between Estonia and Latvia and new job opportunities.

Space technology has rapidly developed since the famous launch of Sputnik in 1957. Nowadays, it affects a wide variety of fields, ranging from such specific ones as space engineering and orbital mechanics, to many others including communications, physics, chemistry, project management, marketing.

The large amounts of private capital attracted by the NewSpace movement shows that there is still much to be done.

Thus, how can this unique opportunity be exploited in the best way by Estonia and Latvia? Which are the next frontiers? Why should the youth and businesses invest in this field? How?


These and many other topics will be dealt with at the Space Community Forum.

  • What could Estonia and Latvia do together on the Moon or on asteroids?
  • Why do we want to go to the Moon and asteroids?
  • Why would Estonia and Latvia need a space law?


Here is the preliminary programme of the event.

8:00 Bus departs from Riga
12:00 Registration & brunch

Welcome & introduction

Karoli Kahn – SpaceTEM success stories & results. Insight to the future

Aditya Savio Paul – SpaceTEM from the point of view of an intern and supervisor


How Estonia & Latvia can work together on Moon or asteroids?


Presentations, mindwork, panel



Mihkel Pajusalu, PhD
"Latest Developments in Lunar Prospecting"

• Senior Research Fellow, Department of Space Technology, Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu (Estonia).
• Working on optical navigation for both space and terrestrial systems, related hardware design, simulations, and development of navigation and reconstruction algorithms.


Andris Slavinskis, PhD
"Multi-Asteroid Touring mission concept"

• Postdoc Researcher, Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering, School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University (Finland).
• Senior Researcher - Department of Space Technology, Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu (Estonia).
• Space technology researcher, with a special interest in nanosatellites, nanospacecraft, electric sailing.


Pauls Irbins, PhD
"The future of Space Economy​"

• Phd, Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering, Riga Technical University
• MA, Business Economics
• Board Member of Zinātkāres centrs ZINOO, Latvia
• President of Latvian Space Industry Association
• Freelancer Consultant of SIA Triviums

15:00 Coffee break

Do we need Space Law?


Presentations, mindwork, panel



Sven Lilla
"How space law helps startups grow?"

• MBA, Business and Technology Management.
• Project Manager at ESA BIC Estonia.
• Experienced Business Services Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the area of technology transfer.

Kadri Bussov
"Luxembourg Space regulations and how it became the basis of space start-up scene"

• MA, International Law and Legal Studies.
• Strategist with a legal and business background in pursuit of utilizing emerging technologies to contribute to a sustainable human environment.
• Chief Executive Officer of Estonian Student Satellite Foundation



17:45 Farewell drinks and Observatory Band in Atrium
18:15 End of the day

Forum will be moderated by Mr. Harald Lepisk, renown moderator of live and broadcasted hackathons, lecturer on innovation.


Event is free of charge, but participants need to register. PLEASE REGISTER HERE.


About the project

The Space Community Forum is part of the SpaceTEM project, aimed at developing NewSpace industry in Estonia and Latvia through a series of mutual activities. SpaceTEM takes upon itself the task of unifying Estonian and Latvian students, entrepreneurs, universities and even policy makers in the field of space technology and NewSpace. Participants from both countries will work together to fill gaps in knowledge, share ideas and collaborate on new initiative.

Partners: Estonian Student Satellite Foundation, Green and Smart Technology Cluster, Heliocentric Technologies Latvia, sTARTUp HUB Ltd (Garage48 HUB Tartu), University of Latvia, University of Tartu, Ventspils University College

Topic: Entrepreneurship

Start date: 2017-03-01

End date: 2019-12-31